House manager | Paris & Megève

Tasks and responsibilities

- Supervise and care for girls (12, 14 & 15 years old) when they send their holidays in Paris or Megève
- Overall maintenance of properties
- Laundry management and careful ironing
- Daily cleaning (with extra help if necessary, for deep cleaning & busy periods)
- Optimisation of storage & stock
- Reporting and reporting of all technical problems or incidents related to the house
- Occasional meal preparation when the family is on site (balanced cuisine, organic, fresh vegetable/fruit juices, smoothies)
- Table service & table dressing
- Welcoming the family/artists/guests & making sure they have everything they need
- Make purchases related to the needs of the family/artists/guests
- Exchange with the employer daily
- Work well with other staff. Be part of the team. 
- Pick up and transport the family if necessary
- Management of property logistics: inventory management & restock
- Food purchase (fresh) and cleaning products. 
- Expense management for the house and financial reporting
- Able to liaise with suppliers and the building custodian
- Alarm management

> Be flexible with the timetable according to the presence of employers